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Spoiled Prince

Title: Spoiled Prince
Author: Erandir AKA golden_archer
Request by: lady_oneiros
Prompt: Legolas/Aragorn: Arwen may have been the one to give Aragorn the Evenstar necklace, but Legolas is a prince...and princes are used to getting what they want. Bottom!Aragorn.
Rating: R
Notes: Never written Legolas as a top before, so this was quite a challenge for me. That’s one reason this is only R and not NC17, and so short. I hope I did it well and fulfilled lady_oneiros’s vision. Written for Slashfest IV, 2006.


Just looking at it made him angry. How could the man have chosen a twat like her over him? The only reasonable excuse that the Elf could come up with was that Aragorn was just too dense to see what was in front of his face. Legolas was practically throwing himself at the man, and yet Aragorn was still completely oblivious.

It was time for drastic measures. Legolas could not let this continue. She would not have Aragorn, not if he had anything to say about it.

He would have to find Aragorn while the man was alone. Preferably somewhere with a locking door so they would not be disturbed. Yes, the plan was beginning to unfold.


Legolas entered the room silently, shutting the door behind him and locking it with a soft click. At the sound the man across the room turned around to face him. “Legolas?” he asked softly in surprise, “What are you doing here?”

The Elf did not reply, merely crossed the room silently, stopping a mere breath away from Aragorn. The man stared down at him in surprise and confusion.

“There is something I wish to speak with you about,” Legolas murmured softly, his eyes falling from Aragorn’s face to the jewel that hung about his neck. Again he felt the anger swell within him as he thought of the woman who had gifted it to Aragorn. “This… Should not belong to you,” the Elf said, raising his hand to rest on the charm.

Aragorn’s brow furrowed in confusion as he looked down at Legolas’ hand, “Legolas… What are you talking about?”

The Elf did not respond. His slender fingers wrapped around the sparkling gem that Aragorn wore. She did not deserve him, and had never given him the chance to realize that. For that, Legolas hated her. Without hardly thinking about what he was doing, the Elf tore the necklace off of Aragorn’s neck and threw it across the room.

The man cried out in horror as he watched the gem hit the wall and splinter into a dozen pieces. “Legolas have you lost your mind!?” he exclaimed.

“No, you have, Aragorn,” the Elf replied, shoving the man backward. Startled, Aragorn stumbled and fell back onto the bed. Legolas climbed atop him before the man had a chance to argue and pinned Aragorn’s hands above his head. The Ranger now found himself unable to move - completely pinned to the mattress by his Elven companion.

“Legolas what are you doing?” Aragorn asked. The man was confused and even a little bit frightened. He had never seen Legolas act like this before; he was like a completely different person.

“I am making you see sense,” the Elf replied – practically snarled. Unable to stand it any longer, he ripped off the man’s shirt and leaned forward, his lips crashing against Aragorn’s. The man gasped, and the Elf used this opportunity to plunge his tongue into the man’s mouth.

Aragorn let out a strangled cry of protest as his mouth was invaded, and he tried to push the Elf away from himself. But Legolas was stronger than he looked, and was easily able to keep Aragorn under his control.

When the kiss broke, Legolas pulled back and looked down at the man below him. In Aragorn’s eyes he could see confusion, a small amount of fear, and… the Elf thought he spotted a tiny spark of desire, but it may have been his own desires getting the better of him.

The fear that he saw was what made Legolas realize that he was going about this all wrong. He shouldn’t be forcing himself upon Aragorn. That wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted the man to love him as much as he loved the man. Aragorn would only hate him if he did this. He had to stop, but at the same time he didn’t want to. He had wanted Aragorn for so long, and he wouldn’t give up now.

“I love you, Aragorn,” he said suddenly, and noted the surprise in the Ranger’s eyes. “I have for longer than I care to admit. I hate to see you with Arwen. She does not deserve you Aragorn, you are better than she is. She should not have you to herself when I have wanted you for so long.”

Legolas felt a lot better with that off of his chest, and he leaned down to kiss Aragorn again, not caring about how the man would react this time. If he was lucky, the Ranger would just tell him off and they could still be friends.

As it turned out, Legolas was more than lucky.

Aragorn remained unmoving beneath him for a moment as the Elf’s lips pressed against his, and then he slowly began to respond. He seemed hesitant and nervous as he cautiously kissed Legolas back, as though he was trying to get used to the feeling. He probably was. Legolas did not suspect that Aragorn had ever kissed another man before. Still, the Elf was glad just to have him responding to his advances. Perhaps this was what he had needed to do all along; gather up the courage needed to tell the man how he felt. It seemed to have done the job.

When Legolas drew back from the kiss he looked down hesitantly at the man he still held pinned to the bed. Aragorn was looking up at him warily, as though trying to anticipate the Elf’s next move.

Legolas realized that he had been rather forceful, but Aragorn wasn’t pushing him away, wasn’t telling him how disgusted he was. That was a good thing, right?

Cautiously, Legolas leaned down and kissed him again. The man didn’t pull away, or resist, so he continued. He did move slowly however, so as not to scare the man away. The last thing he wanted was for Aragorn to push him away, then end up hating him. Of course, in that case, perhaps he should just stop now, while he was ahead.

In his hesitation, Legolas pulled back. It would have given Aragorn enough chance to escape, if that was what he had wanted. It didn’t seem to be, however, since he reached up and pulled the Elf back down. Legolas was surprised, needless to say, when the man kissed him by choice. He felt his heart skip a beat in his chest, though.


The kissing continued for a while, since Legolas had decided to take things slowly this time. At least, for now. Somehow in the process Aragorn’s jerkin and shirt had been removed and now lay in a pile on the floor. The Elf’s own tunic and shirt had been pulled open, but he didn’t seem to notice. He was far more fascinated with the dusting of hair that covered Aragorn’s chest.

The Elf brushed his hands over the man’s chest, a smile tugging at his lips as he felt the man shudder slightly under his touch. He leaned down to kiss Aragorn’s chest, his hands slipping down to the man’s stomach and began to untie the laces on his pants.

A soft moan escaped from the man’s lips as Legolas’ hand slipped beneath the fabric of his pants. Aragorn never expected to be with a man at any point in his life. But, then again, he had also never expected anyone as gorgeous as Legolas to want him. Though he had never even imagined being in a situation like this, Aragorn found himself craving the Elf’s touch. So when the blond prince’s hand wrapped around his arousal, the man was hardly surprised that his body arched up against the touch.

Seeing how Aragorn reacted, Legolas became less cautious. The man didn’t seem like he would try to stop him. In fact Aragorn appeared more than willing to let the Elf have his way with him. Legolas planned to do just that.

Working quickly, Legolas shoved the man’s pants down, pulling them off and tossing them onto the floor with the rest of his clothing. This seemed to make the man a little uncomfortable, so Legolas stripped off his shirt and tunic, dropping them into the floor. He hoped that Aragorn would become a bit more comfortable with this if they were in similar states of undress. He kissed the man again as he stripped, distracting him until they were both naked.

The Elf nearly couldn’t stand it anymore. He had waited so long to make Aragorn his, and here he was taking it agonizingly slow so that he wouldn’t scare the man off. He was already beginning to get frustrated, however. Having been hard since their first kiss, Legolas was aching for his release.

For just a moment he moved away from the man and reached to his clothes on the floor. From a pocket he retrieved a small vial of oil and pulled the cap off with his teeth. While Aragorn watched him curiously, Legolas coated his fingers in the sweet smelling liquid. As he moved his fingers down and gently prodded the man’s entrance he pressed his lips against Aragorn’s in a distracting kiss that allowed him to press one slick finger into the man.

Aragorn let out a small strangled sound of surprise as he realized what was going on. He pulled away from the kiss and squirmed beneath the Elf. “What are you doing?” he asked, staring up at Legolas in surprise. Kissing he could handle, but this was something he hadn’t expected.

“Please let me do this, Aragorn,” Legolas said beseechingly. “I have loved you for so long…” He was afraid. Afraid that Aragorn would turn him away, and even if Legolas only had this one night that would be enough for him. “Let me have this one night, then you can forget it ever happened.”

Forget it ever happened? Aragorn frowned. “I do not want to forget being with you, Legolas.”

The Elf felt hope ignited in his heart at those words. He kissed Aragorn again, no longer nervous as he prepared his lover. The man seemed more willing, as well, now that he understood the Elf’s feelings.

When Legolas felt that the man was well enough prepared he withdrew his fingers. Surprising even himself, Aragorn felt a slight loss and a feeling of emptiness. It was soon remedied, however, as the blond Elf coated himself in the oil and pushed slowly into his lover. It hurt at first, and Aragorn’s body stiffened, trying to push out the foreign body. But with some coaxing and soft words from Legolas, the man relaxed, letting the Elf slip in easily.

It did not take long for Aragorn to start responding in earnest. A moan escaped his mouth as the Elf moved within him, and slowly his arms moved up to wrap around the body above him.

They moved together; slowly at first, then gradually faster. Their breaths mingled between fervent kisses as the two clutched at each other. Finally Aragorn could take it no more. He was panting hard as Legolas pounded into him, and the Elf’s slender hand wrapped around his dripping erection. After a few more well placed thrusts, the man shouted out and spilled himself between their entwined bodies almost simultaneously with the Elf.

Exhausted, Aragorn collapsed back onto the mattress. His chest heaved as he caught his breath. Legolas lay atop him, breathing heavily as well.

“Aragorn?” the Elf asked softly when he could speak again. “Are you going to leave me now?”

The amount of pain in the Elf’s voice was enough to convince Aragorn. “No. I will stay with you. Now and forever.”

Legolas smiled. That was all he needed to hear.

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