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Triple-Drabble: Counterpoint, G/PG, A/L, AU

Title: Counterpoint
Author: Númenora
Rating: G/PG- ish
Pairing/Characters: Aragorn (Elessar)/Legolas (Lassë)
Warnings: AU, M/M Slash; Implied Het.
Setting: A Grand Ball in Minas Tirith.
Disclaimer: All known Characters are Tolkien’s.
Beta: none
Word Count: 300
Summary: Legolas learns more about Elessar. This is a sequel to The Royal Gift ; it that takes place a day after Legolas’ first meeting with Aragorn. Cross-posted to several communities including 25fluffyfics, prompt: Dancing.

A/N: Aragorn is the Peredhel King of Gondor and Legolas was given to him as a “gift” to cement an alliance with Greenwood the Great. Please read The Royal Gift . More will be learned in latter drabbles.

Italics indicate stressed words and thoughts.

Aragorn pulled the beautiful elf close, strong arms holding him possessively as they danced. Blue-green eyes stared deeply into Legolas’ cerulean ones, making the Prince blush—much to his chagrin.

You are no timid maiden, Legolas—you are an Elven Prince, he told himself. However, the admiring glance from his new King elicited another blush, his pale cheeks coloring becomingly.

“You are exquisite, Lassë,” King Elessar whispered close to a pointed ear, his lips brushing briefly.

Legolas glanced nervously around at the many faces watching their progress across the dance floor of the Great Hall. “We have danced nearly every dance, your Majesty; surely the Queen wishes to have your attention as well,” his eyes alighting on her lovely face as they passed.

“I have no queen, Ernilen,” he informed before taking Legolas’ rose-petal lips in a kiss, tender but deep.

When he could speak again, Legolas looked askance to Aragorn. He had been introduced to the lady just that morning. “But, I was told that you wedded her a few short months ago.”

“Six months.” He attempted to kiss Legolas again, but the elf pulled back, thwarting his effort.

“Then, she is Queen, is she not?” The wood-elf asked confused.

“She is not. She is a Princess only. Gondor may have a Queen someday or not—I have not decided.” The Peredhel’s large hand settled possessively on Legolas’ lower back, his bearded cheek stroking a soft, hairless one.

“I see,” Legolas frowned.

“Concern yourself not, sweet Lassë. I wish to dance and taste your lips.”

“And what of the Princess and your guests, Hir-nin?” Cerulean eyes swept the length and breath of the Great Hall once more.

“If I decide to kiss any of them, they can wait their turn,” Elessar laughed, capturing rose-petal lips, their owner blushing again.

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Lassë — Leaf in Quenya
Ernilen — Prince
Peredhel — Half-elf or Half-elven
Hir-nin — My Lord

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