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Another’s Guilt, Chapter 14, A/L, Mpreg, AU, NC-17

Another’s Guilt by Númenora

Rating: NC-17 this chapter

Summary: See chapter one.

Warnings, Disclaimers & Summary: See last chapter. Un-betaed.

A/N: As for warnings, I will add to the regular ones by adding a sap warning; Aragorn and Legolas are so young and in love that they are so sappy and mushy with each other. There is the customary angst coming from all sides. But, we are almost there as to the mystery of surrounding Aragorn's birth and the revelation to King Thranduil and all concerned that Legolas is with child and that he and Aragorn are bonded mates and why; this will be revealed next chapter. I will try and finish the entire story next chapter including an epilogue that will wrap up all of the relationships covered in this story. One little note about Celeborn—His features are those based on Movie-verse (Marton Csokas) except for his eye-color which is blue here, but may not be in real life. I have seen several pics and a few websites and no one can agree to the actor's eye color which some say is blue and others say is hazel. I even watched the extended version of FotR where Celeborn appeared and I couldn't tell.

Thoughts and stressed words denoted by italics

Chapter 14


There was a knock at the door followed by Aragorn’s smooth-toned voice. “May I enter, Legolas?”

Legolas’ heart began to beat a little faster at the sound of his beloved begging entry. “Of course,” the wood-elf replied huskily.

The smile that greeted Gondor’s Heir took his breath away. The Greenwood Prince was seated at the vanity, unbraiding his hair, the strands catching the glow of the bedchamber’s many candles. They stared shyly at one another’s reflection in the vanity’s mirror. Aragorn’s hands stole to Legolas’ shoulders; then moving to stroke the elf’s long tresses, the Peredhel savored the feel of fine silk.

“I ran a bath for us, Aragorn. I mean, if you wish it.” Suddenly Legolas was unsure. For all intents and purposes, they were bonded mates; however, he worried that his husband would soon regret taking this step.

“What is the matter, A'mael? Why the frown on your beautiful face?” Aragorn sat down next to his beloved with his back towards the mirror, but facing Legolas.

“I forced you into this. You were going to take me home and I...” Legolas' voice trailed off, fine white teeth worrying his bottom lip.

“You did not force me, my love. You gave me the greatest gift telling me you love me and that we were to have a child together. I have never wanted anyone more than I want you. I have never needed anyone the way I need you. I would die for you—Do you not know this?”

Touching Aragorn's bearded cheeks, Legolas smiled, his lovely blue eyes so full of love and trust. “I would die for you as well.” Then grinning playfully, he said, “I think though, that it would be more pleasurable for us to be alive.”

Ginning in response, the Gondoran Heir kissed the beautiful elf, saying, “I believe you are right, sweet Legolas. You are most wise.”

Putting his arms around the other's neck, Legolas returned Aragorn's kiss. Near swooning, he did not realize that he was being carried until the Dúnadan broke the kiss, only to bury his face in Legolas' pale neck.

They were near the large bathtub, they began staring intently into the other's eyes, smiling as the scent of sandalwood wafted around them. Then Aragorn placed his beloved on the floor and they each undressed the other, finally climbing into the fragrant bath. They embraced, holding each other close, Legolas' legs straddling Aragorn's and their hands roaming everywhere, bathing each other.

Legolas grew bold and took Aragorn's shaft in his right hand; he marveled at how quickly it hardened in his grasp; both soft and firm. Aragorn moaned deep within his throat at the gentle touch which caused him to come undone as his own hands moved down Legolas' smoothly-muscled back, eventually cupping the wood-elf' shapely backside in his hands.

The blond Prince moaned much the same as Aragorn had done, his head falling backwards, exposing his throat in unconscious invitation to the Peredhel's mouth. Aragorn nibbled and licked the soft flesh there, drowning in the scent and taste. Legolas trembled at the twin assault of his lover's mouth and his eager hands; crying out as a forefinger touched his entrance, gently probing the tight channel.

The bath oil coating them made it easy for Aragorn's finger to breach Legolas; nevertheless, he was very careful not to hurt his lovely husband. Not wanting to reach completion in Legolas' soft hand, Aragorn removed the busy palm and digits, placing them around his neck where the left one was caressing him.

The Gondoran Prince took his time preparing Legolas with first one, then two fingers; finding the secret slit Legolas told him about, he prepared it as well. Reaching between them, Aragorn began caressing Legolas' pale shaft, arousing him so that his inner walls would relax, allowing him to go much deeper. Covering the Elven Prince's mouth with his own, Aragorn removed his fingers, causing Legolas to groan in protest.

Chuckling in Legolas' mouth, he grasped his beloved around his slim waist, lifting him up above the water. Positioning him over his swollen member, Aragorn gently impaled Legolas, his body entering his tight, hot passage. Both Princes gasped meaningfully at the contact, Legolas' passage squeezing Aragorn almost painfully.

Aragorn began to move inside his elf, but he wanted more control; therefore, he once more effortlessly lifted Legolas up and carried him out of the bath. The blond Princeling wrapped his slender legs tightly around his beloved, holding the Peredhel inside of him as he was placed onto his back on a large divan.

The Númenoréan Prince went impossibly deeper as his larger body covered the pale form beneath him. Their bodies seemed made for the other, so perfectly they fit. Aragorn always felt that this would be so; reveling in the knowledge, he did everything he could to pleasure his beautiful mate, finding the sensitive core of him, thinking only of Legolas as they made love.

Gentle then forceful, but solicitous and tender was their coupling. When Aragorn felt he could hold on no longer, he reached between them and grasped Legolas' firm column, moving up and down the hard, velvety flesh. Legolas trembled, then tensed as he reached his peak, his essence spilling warmly over Aragorn's hand as he screamed his pleasure.

That sound alone was enough to make the Peredhel Prince come to his completion, but it was the spasming of the elf's inner muscles gripping his thrusting length, his life-giving seed spurting inside hotly. Neither of them moved for a long while, their bodies reveling in the joy and deep love each felt.

Finally stirring, the two Princes dried each other then climbed into the bed they shared earlier. They rested briefly, holding onto each other, coming together again to make love. When sleep came for Aragorn and Legolas slipped into reverie, their bodies were still connected, each loathe to part from the other. They had not a care in the world, neither realizing that their newfound happiness was about to be shattered.

Not too far away, the large wings of Gwaihir and his mate Altáriel were soaring effortlessly through the air, the Eagles making their way ever closer to Edoras bearing Mithrandir and King Arathorn. The sound of the flapping of the feathered appendages was heard by sentries long before the winged warriors were spotted. Once they were, King Théoden and Théodred were informed.

They watched as the immense birds landed gracefully outside of the city gates. Not long after, Gandalf and Arathorn were standing before the Great Hall of Meduseld being greeted by the First and Second Marshals of the Riddermark.

Théoden listened carefully to the Wizard and the High King who laid out their plan to solve this debacle created by the young Gondoran Heir. He was both relieved and distressed. Distressed and loathe to inform his late visitors that their wish to return Legolas before Aragorn could persuade him to continue on to Minas Tirith; before Legolas falls in love is moot.

But explained he did, causing Mithrandir to despair and Arathorn to exclaim in anger and frustration. “The young fool!” He shouted as he stormed out of Théoden's chamber. The others following close behind, not stopping until they reached the guest manor.

Arathorn went to the larger rooms, thinking as a Royal guest, Legolas would be there and Aragorn as well. Finding these empty, he moved to another, but was stopped by Théoden who pointed him to the correct ones.

“Your Majesty—Please let me...” Before he could finish his request, Arathorn shook his head no, then went into Legolas' bedchamber.

His heart fell at the sight that greeted him. Aragorn was lying between the elf's slender, pale legs, the bed's linens barely covering Aragorn's backside. His muscled arms were wrapped possessively around the Elda, his dark head lying next to the blond one whose pale arms surrounding tan shoulders, his fingers in the Peredhel's wavy hair.

As upset as he was, the King could not remember ever seeing a more beautiful sight as these two young lovers embracing. The image of love and tenderness momentarily sent the elder Dúnadan back to over twenty years, making his heart constrict in pain and loss.

“My son,” Arathorn whispered. Closing his blue-green eyes for a brief moment, he walked over to the slumbering lovers. “Aragorn,” he called lowly at first, his voice breaking. Then louder and firmer, he spoke again. “Aragorn!”

Legolas' eyes blinked, then came into focus. At first he was confused, seeing a face much like his husband. But, my beloved is here in my arms.

Unconsciously wrapping his arms tighter around Aragorn's shoulders, Legolas asked, “Who are you, Hir-nín?”

“I...I am King Arathorn of Gondor and Arnor and I've come to take you to your father.”

“No, Aran-nín—I will not leave my husband!” Then to Aragorn, Legolas called urgently, “Aragorn, my beloved—You must wake. Saes.

Instead of waking, the sleeping Gondoran burrowed his face deeper in Legolas' throat, holding onto him as tightly as the elf had moments before.

Arathorn hated frightening Legolas, but this situation was most dire. He firmly shook his child's shoulder, “My son, you must wake up; there is no time to waste.”

Stirring finally, the younger Gondoran smiled at Legolas. However, noticing the alarm reflected in his husband's lovely eyes, with concern, he inquired, “What is the matter, sweet Legolas?”

“Your ada...” Voice trailing off meaningfully, blue eyes shifted to the left, causing the Peredhel to glance over his shoulder.

“Your Majesty? Father, why are you here?”

Becoming angry, the King said coldly, “You can ask me this when the reason is lying beneath you? Get up!” When his son failed to obey, inquired, “By Elbereth, why are you not moving?”

Blushing much in the same manner as Legolas, Aragorn said, embarrassed, “I cannot right away, father...”

“Why not?” Genuinely perplexed, the King stared, not comprehending. Then, he saw his son looking down, indicating his and Legolas' lower torsos covered by the bedding.

Then as quickly as his ire flared, the absurdity of the situation made him want to laugh. This helped him to calm down.

“I will leave you both to dress, then. Mithrandir, Théoden and I will await you in the sitting room. This state of affairs must be remedied before blood is shed.”

When Arathorn had gone, Legolas spoke fearfully. “He said that he is here to take me away; to take me to Ada. I cannot be parted from you, Aragorn. I cannot.”

“I will not be parted from, you melethron. I will die first,” the young Heir proclaimed vigorously.

“And I will die as well.” Legolas declared as strongly, pulling his beloved into a meaningful kiss.

Aragorn returned the kiss with passion. When they were breathless, they reluctantly broke the kiss. Then with great care, the young Princes parted, Aragorn extracting his flesh from inside Legolas. Both were so very afraid; realizing that they may be separated against their wills. Nevertheless, they dressed quickly, but solemnly, each helping the other. Embracing once more, they held hands and exited the bedchamber.

The two Kings and Gandalf turned at the sound of the door opening. Seeing the sorrow worn by the young lovers, they all looked on with compassion. These young ones must be protected now that they have bonded. Separating them now could killed them both, the Wizard thought sagely. Similar thoughts were in the minds of the two Monarchs as well as they watched Aragorn and Legolas sit down, arms surrounding each other and holding hands.

Much as they did with King Théoden and Théodred, Gandalf and Arathorn explained how they would proceed from this moment onward. Legolas learned that his father would be awaiting them in Lothlórien along with the Lord of Imladris.

“Why the Lord of Imladris, Majesty?” Aragorn asked.

Legolas answered, “He and Ada are great friends and Prince Elrond would most likely have been asked to accompany him, his counsel much valued.”

“Greenleaf is correct, my boy. Lord Elrond is wise and has been called upon to mediate many times over the centuries.” The Grey Pilgrim stated.

“He was your teacher, was he not Father? When you visited Rivendell.” Aragorn asked Arathorn.


Another question was on the young Gondoran’s mind. He did not wish to cause his parent pain, but Aragorn felt that he had a right to know. So, he looked askance to his father, inquiring, “Will my mother be there? I know that you do not like speaking about my birth, but I want to know who bore me.”

“I am sorry that I haven't told you before, but the pain of losing them is still fresh. But, to answer your query—The two of you will finally meet. When you have, I will ask your forgiveness. That will come later. But, I will tell you that I am sorry for not being a good father to you.”

“I knew that you loved me; I know that your time is not your own as High King.”

“My father was High King and he was a great and loving father to me and to Finduilas. I have no excuse, Aragorn. Even so, I am here for you and Legolas. I will let no harm befall either of you. Now, I will ask you to pack a few things as we will be leaving here soon.”

“I will go and inform Girion and the other Rangers. The trek to Lothlórien will be a long one and they will need to gather provisions. How many have you brought with you, My King?”

“We will not be traveling with the Rangers. Time is of the essence and speed of the utmost necessity. Mithrandir has enlisted the Great Eagles Gwaihir and his mate Altáriel to bear us to the Golden Wood. Two of his kindred were dispatched to Greenwood and Rivendell. They should be already be there by now.”

Standing, Arathorn and Gandalf sent the young Princes to pack and Théoden volunteered to inform the Gondoran Rangers and guards of their destination, leaving out any sensitive information. Within two hours, Aragorn and Legolas were astride Altáriel and Arathorn and Gandalf mounted Gwaihir; both loathe to separate the young lovers. Anor would soon appear, but Ithil still ruled the sky as the large, winged warriors ascended, ferrying the four of them to Lothlórien.

Speaking loudly to be heard above the great flapping of eagles' wings, Arathorn said, “I pray that this ends well for all involved, Gandalf. War is never the answer; nevertheless, it oftentimes have been the result of misunderstandings over the many centuries. I will not lose my son and I will do what I must for both of my children; for better or worse, Legolas is now my family.”

“King Thranduil is very strong-willed and he declared long ago to treat Men as his enemies. He will not like that his youngest has become bonded with Aragorn who he will surely consider an Adan despite his Elven blood.” Mithrandir pointed out.

Continuing, he said, “Legolas is quite young—Too young to be wed to anyone in Thranduil's opinion. Nevertheless, he deeply loves Greenleaf and he will do what is best to keep him safe.
“He will not let the elfling die of a broken heart as he surely would do should he be separated from Aragorn. I am sure that calmer heads will prevail in averting war.”

“That is my wish and I pray that you are correct.” Then both fell silent as they soared above Fangorn Forest, Lothlórien their final destination.

Lothlórien, the Gates to Caras Galadhon (Several hours before sunrise...)

Lord Celeborn, Haldir and his brothers stood by as the Greenwood Princes ran to their father. They had stood patiently along with the pair as the Great Eagles flew across Lothlórien toward the chief city Caras Galadhon, depositing Thranduil, his aide, Lord Elrond and Lord Glorfindel at the entrance.

King Thranduil held his two eldest sons close, the youngest's tears wetting his neck as the Prince burrowed into his throat.

“It is my fault that Greenleaf fell into the hands of Men, Adar. You should be so angry with me instead of comforting.” Arminas sobbed as he held on to his father.

“The fault is my own, Ion-nín. I made the decision to let him leave Greenwood. Calm yourself, child. Our Little Leaf is alive and he will soon be here in Lórien with us.”

“That is such good news, Adar. We have been so distraught thinking that he may be lost to us forever.” Oropher said as he stood back, smiling, trying to appear strong for his father. He could see beyond his King’s calm composure.

The two of them knew each other best because for many years after Oropher's sire died, they had only each other. When Arminas' and Legolas' mother died (and Oropher's as well for she loved him so), it was he to whom Thranduil had turned and in whom he had confided. This was still the case.

“It is good to see you, my dear friend,” Celeborn spoke to Greenwood's Monarch as he approached the trio.

King Thranduil smiled as he and the Lord of Lothlórien stood before each other. “Mae govannen, My Lord. Thank you for looking after my sons and for helping to search for Legolas.”

“Your children are as my own; it is difficult being separated from those we love.” Celeborn smiled at his old friend, then his clear blue eyes lit upon the gray of his son-in-law, Lord Elrond.

“Welcome back to the Golden Wood, My Lord Elrond. You as well, Lord Glorfindel.” Glorfindel nodded with his hand over his heart in greeting.

Elrond, however, barely acknowledged his wife's father. Speaking only to to Thranduil, “I would like to have a few moments to discuss the situation with Legolas and Aragorn with you. It is most important.”

“Of course, Hir-nín. Let us get settled and then we can talk.”

Then, the Imladrian Lord turned to the Great Eagles Landroval and Meneldor. Knowing that his children were en route, he enlisted the winged warriors to bring them here. Arwen had refused to come, however, the Peredhel knew that she had changed her mind; he knew this even before Erestor mindpoke with him.

Elrond wanted his daughter to explain her actions to Estel. Looking back at Celeborn, he would ensure that all who mistreated the child face the young Prince. As the Eagles took flight to find Arwen, Elladan and Elrohir (and Erestor as well), the gathering of elves (save for Orophin and Rúmil who continued to stand sentry) went into the city to await Mithrandir, Arathorn, Aragorn and Legolas.

Sometime later, many leagues from Lothlórien...

Anor was quite bright, but pleasant as it shone down upon the four travelers soaring through the air. Aragorn and Legolas felt each other's nervousness and fear at what awaited them in the Golden Wood. Legolas' ada loved him deeply, but he had no love for Men. He would not consider Aragorn a suitable mate for him because of his mixed heritage. His King may insist that their bonding be terminated. Legolas knew of no way this could happen without one or both of them fading from grief.

Since their mating, Aragorn and Legolas had become more in tuned with the other; occasionally hearing stray thoughts from the other. They both knew that if it came to it, they would leave their families and countries and find a new home to live. Perhaps the only safe haven for them is The Undying Lands if no home in Middle-earth welcomes them. This would be made clear to everyone as soon as they reached their destination. Neither one would give up the other; no matter what.

Legolas' hands unconsciously gripped the Eagle's large feathers as they drew closer to Lórien. Echoing his distress, Gondor’s Heir wrapped his arms tighter around his beloved, burying his face into the young elf's fragrant neck, his tears dampening the blond strands there. Greenleaf’s tears dried upon his pale cheeks as the wind caressed his beautiful face.

Aragorn's voice whispered in Legolas' ear, his breath stroking the delicate point, making its owner shiver. “If they try and part us, let us enlist one of these gentle warriors to take us to Mithlond. In a few months, I will reach my majority and I will choose the life of the Eldar. When that is accomplished, we can hire a ship in the Grey Havens to take us to Aman.”

“Yes, Herven-nín,” Legolas said, turning his face, his forehead meeting that of his beloved. “If our families choose to keep us apart, we will do as you suggest—We will be safe and happy in Valinor.”

They huddled together like that until Altáriel landed gently on the green field before Caras Galadhon. Not wanting to let go, they finally climbed down and stood next to Gandalf and High King Arathorn. The four of them stood silently as two Marchwardens approached. Gandalf and Legolas recognized them as Haldir's brothers Rúmil and Orophin. “Welcome back to Caras Galadhon, Prince Legolas. We have been so worried; your adar and brothers await you inside. Your absence has also been felt, My Lord Gandalf.” Rúmil smiled kindly at the young elf as his brother made this greeting.

Gandalf thanked the Marchwardens. Legolas tentatively returned his brethren's smiles and greetings. He didn't really know what to say. He wanted to see his father and brothers and he was still very sorry that he worried them. Nevertheless, his greatest concern was his future with his husband.

Then, the Elven pair turned to the Gondoran visitors. He was somewhat confused by Legolas' seeming fondness for the dark-haired Prince. However, being a warrior, he knew that prisoners of war often became unnaturally attached to their captors. Regardless of his feelings for these Men of the West, the Silvan elves had a duty to perform.

Orophin spoke, “Mae govannen, King Arathorn. My Lord and Lady bid you welcome; you are also most welcome, Prince Aragorn. I know that you cannot remember being here, but Lord Celeborn wants you to consider this your home as well.”

“I do not remember, however, I thank Lord Celeborn for his thoughtfulness.” The younger Dúnadan said, bowing slightly, although he never released Legolas' hand.

King Arathorn echoed Aragorn's sentiments; but, like his son and Legolas, his own heart was worried and uncertain. He wanted his child safe and he would do whatever was necessary to avoid a war over this situation Aragorn created. But, there was also someone else he both wanted to see and dreaded seeing again. His past and Aragorn's life have come full-circle. What would happen next, he had no idea; no matter what, he would not sacrifice his son's happiness again. He and Legolas will stay together.

I swear this, my child—with my soul, I swear it.


End Notes: I'm not sure how long it will take before the next/final chapter will be posted due to other stories I'm working on as well as a story challenge that will be 25,000 words to be completed over the next few months. Just have patients and I promise it will get done eventually.

Phrase Glossary:

Peredhel—Half-elf or half-elven.
Númenoréan—The inhabitants/descendants of Númenor; also referred to Men of the West.
Gwaihir, Landroval & Meneldor—The Great Eagles of the northern mountains. In LotR, they fought at the Black Gates and helped Gandalf save Sam and Frodo.
Altáriel—OC Great Eagle with a Tolkien name.
Mithrandir—name the Elves called Gandalf.
First Marshall of the Riddermark—Théoden’s formal title.
Second Marshall of the Riddermark—Théodred’s formal title.
Elda—Singular of the Eldar (Elf-kind/Firstborn).
Dúnadan—Singular of Dúnedain (descendant of Númenor); in Canon, a name often referred exclusively to Aragorn.
Hir-nín—My Lord.
Aran-nín—My King.
Adar—Father (formal)
Ada—Father (familiar) or Daddy
Elbereth —The Sindarin name of the Vala Varda. Her name comes up at various times during The Lord of the Rings, usually in a song or invocation.
Imladris—Lord Elrond's refuge in the western glens of the Misty Mountains. Also called Rivendell.
Imladrian—Citizen of Imladris.
Anor—The name for the Sun in the Sindarin language.
Ithil—The Sindarin name for the Moon
Adan—Singular of Sindarin word Edain which is Elvish for Men.
Caras Galadhon—Was the chief city of Lórien and was the residence of Celeborn and Galadriel. It was built in the middle of, on top of, and out of the mallorn trees. Also spelled Caras Galadon.
Ion-nín—My son.
Mae govannen—From the Sindarin (Elvish) meaning "Well met!" Used as a general greeting.
Elladan and Elrohir Lord Elrond's twin sons and Arwen's older brothers.
Mithlond—Also known as the Grey Havens where the Elven ports on the Gulf of Lune in the northwest of Middle-earth. It was used by the Elves to leave Middle-earth for Valinor.
Valinor—The realm of the Valar in Aman. It was also known as the Undying Lands; the eventual home to all elves..
Herven-nín—My Husband.
Marchwarden—Guards who defended the borders of Lothlórien. In this story, Haldir is the Chief or Lead Marchwarden.

Elvish definitions, names and terms and other Tolkien facts taken from the Silmarillion, from the reference book Tolkien’s World From A to Z, The Complete Guide to Middle-earth by Robert Foster and from The Encyclopedia of Arda. A very few are taken from fandom authors (not authenticated) and several LotR sites on the Web.

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