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A LotR fps archive

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The Black Forest Fiction community is an archive for Lord of the Rings FPS. All posts are welcome, as long as they pertain to LOTR FPS, and as long as they follow the simple guidelines listed below. Story recommendations, questions or comments about LOTR FPS, and especially LOTR FPS are welcome at The Black Forest Fiction community.

In an effort to refrain from allowing minors access to explicit material, to comply to LJ guidelines, and to keep our stories off other sites (Bloglines), stories or chapters of stories may be restricted to members' access only. If you'd like to read these stories or chapters, you'll need to join.

Please, if you post, and we hope you do, remember:

• Place long posts (such as story chapters/posts) behind Lj-cuts.
• Include before the Lj-cut information about your story in a similar format as this:
                 Rating: (including any warnings) 

• No restrictions on content are made: if you like torment and torture, or happy lovely elves and ranger dancing in tutus, feel free to
post it. Just be sure to add warnings in your ratings.
• Explicit content, such as graphic sex, torture, or violence should be posted for members only. (See above explanation for this, and if you are not sure whether this applies to you, ask.)
• Provide feedback. :-)

That being said, enjoy!

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